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 "Pastel en Normandie" displays the artworks of their members twice a year : one exhibition is regularly held in Carpiquet (close to Caen), another takes place in another town of Basse-Normandie (St-L, Tourlaville, Argentan, Ses...)

How to become a member

Application procedure :

Please send us your (amateur or professional) artist's resume, and a set of photographs of appropriate quality, that provide us with a representative sample of your art (technique, color, size…). Please provide us with details on your work such as: you draw after photographs and documents or after real models, or it is imaginary,  etc.

An envelope  with the adequate postage fee is required so as we can send you back your documents.

We will keep you informed, as soon as possible, of the decision made by the selection comittee.

After this, henever an exhibition is held, the artworks that you propose to display are to be evaluated on a per-exhibition basis, in order to continuously provide the public with various and high quality artistic events. 

We are looking forward to reading from you.

Send your application documents to the secretary of the association (please refer to the further explanations in French: vie_association)